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"Joe helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  I would recommend Joe to anyone going through a divorce, especially anyone with children."

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Spousal support, or "alimony," is the support paid by one spouse to the other. Spousal support is different from child support, and final spousal support amounts are calculated in a very different manner from child support. In some cases both child support and spousal support can be awarded to one spouse.

California courts have broad discretion to determine the amount and the duration of spousal support. The courts takes into account a number of factors including the length of the marriage, the living standards of the parties, the marketable skills of each party, and the ability of the supporting spouse to pay support. Spousal support can be awarded to either party on a temporary or permanent basis. Spousal support may be ordered on a temporary basis, in order to maintain the marital standard of living while a divorce is in process. Spousal support may also be ordered on a long term basis. The primary purpose of long term spousal support is to help the supported spouse become self sufficient again.

At the start of any dissolution, prior to final spousal support orders being put in place, temporary support orders may be available to parties in need of immediate monetary assistance from their spouse. It is often best to ask for these temporary support orders as soon as possible. Often times it is necessary to prepare and file forms requesting such temporary support, along with the initial packet of forms that are served at the start of your divorce. The assistance of an attorney can be useful in making a request for temporary support orders at the start of your divorce.