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"Joe helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  I would recommend Joe to anyone going through a divorce, especially anyone with children."

-A.W., Santa Rosa, CA


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Divorce, or dissolution, is the process of ending a marriage through the courts. Most divorces in California follow the same basic process. 1) deciding to get divorced or end a domestic partnership, 2) filing the initial divorce paperwork with the courts, 3) serving the initial divorce paperwork on the responding party, 4) exchanging financial disclosures, 5) conducting settlement discussions, and 6) obtaining a judgment of dissolution (finalizing the divorce).

At a minimum, under California law, a divorce cannot be finalized until six months from the date the responding spouse is served with the initial divorce papers. The total length of the divorce process in any given case depends on the complexity of the issues involved. At any point in the process, parties can bring any unresolved issues before the court in order to have the judge resolve those issues and make orders.

Settlement is the preferred method of resolving any divorce. Joe Keiser works to guide his clients toward settlement whenever possible, because it can save them time, money and unnecessary aggravation. However, settlement of every issue is not always possible, in which case Mr. Keiser is always prepared to litigate on his client's when necessary.

Joe Keiser works with his clients to help them better understand the divorce process, so they know what to expect as their case moves forward, and so they can strategize to best handle the issues and disputes that are of particular importance in their divorce.

You can read about the standard divorce process in California here:

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