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"Joe helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  I would recommend Joe to anyone going through a divorce, especially anyone with children."

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California domestic partnership benefits are extensive, and include, but are not limited to, the following: medical-leave benefits; housing protections; worker's compensation benefits; inheritance rights; the right to make decisions about remains, and more. Some benefits of marriage are not available to domestic partners. For example, California domestic partnerships do not confer resident or citizenship status on non-citizen partners, and domestic partners are not currently eligible to file joint federal tax returns.

California domestic partners can dissolve their domestic partnerships through the courts, just as married couples do. California courts can also address all of the various family law issues that may arise during the course of a domestic partnership, or during the dissolution of one, such as child custody issues, domestic violence, spousal support, etc.

Most of the qualifications for a California domestic partnership are the same as those for a married couple. One additional requirement is that the the partners must share a common residence.

Couples considering entering into a domestic partnership may execute a pre-registration agreement. Pre-registration agreements, just like prenuptial agreements, can address most of the issues that may arise during a dissolution, such as property division and spousal support.

If you are considering entering into a domestic partnership, or dissolving a domestic partnership, you may wish to contact a family law attorney to discuss the legal implications of your decision.