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"Joe helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  I would recommend Joe to anyone going through a divorce, especially anyone with children."

-A.W., Santa Rosa, CA


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In a divorce, or when an unmarried couple has minor children, the court will make decisions as to both legal and physical custody of minor children. Legal custody is the right to make decisions about the child, while physical custody is having actual custodial care. Custody can be joint or sole, depending upon many factors affecting the best interest of the child. Whether there is any history of domestic abuse in the family will be considered. In the case of sole custody, a visitation plan will detail when and how long the child will reside with each parent.

Child custody is one of the most sensitive and complex issues dealt with by any court. In child custody cases, there are many possible outcomes, and many issues that the court must take into consideration. Child custody battles are often very difficult situations for all parties involved, including the children. It is important to protect your interests and those of your children by choosing a lawyer who understands how to best reach a resolution of your custody issues, with as little turmoil as possible, and while also achieving your custody goals.

In California, courts make decisions on issues of child custody and visitation based on what the court believes is in the best interest of the child. The court takes into account a number of factors such as the following: The child's best interests, a parent's availability to care for the child, a parent's substance abuse issues, the geographic distance between the parents, quality of the relationship between the parent and child, and the child's preference, with certain conditions - namely the age of the child.

Parties are encouraged by the court to reach agreements between themselves regarding issues related to their children. However, if they cannot reach an agreement, the court can make orders, often using the recommendation of a mediator or custody evaluator to determine what is in the children's best interests. An experienced family law attorney can help ease you through these difficult situations.

Joe Keiser has years of experince handling sensitive cusody matters, including interstate and international move away cases. Joe Keiser works hard to negotiate amicable resolutions to custody disputes, when possible, and is always prepared to litigate in difficult child custody disputes. In the event that settlement is not possible, Mr. Keiser will bring in mental health experts to support your case. He never hesitates to fight for his clients and will do whatever it takes to help you attain the best possible outcome in your child custody dispute, including the consultation of child psychiatrists and social workers to prove that your environment is superior for your child emotionally, mentally, and physically. If you are involved in a child custody dispute, don't leave your child's future to chance, contact an experienced family law attorney.